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Outsourcing: The Secret Weapon for Today’s Finance All-Rounders

Finance Outsourcing

The life of a finance professional in a young business entity can be a lonely one. You’re the one-person army responsible for everything from bookkeeping to complex financial reporting. This is especially true for subsidiaries of global companies, where the financial department is often a one-person show. However, the situation is also common with startups, limited liability partnerships (LLPs), and private limited companies. Parent companies and investors demand extensive monthly reports, but you severely lack the resources of a larger financial department.

This constant pressure of being a corporate all-rounder can lead to feelings of overwhelm. You’re making crucial decisions, analyzing data, and preparing reports – all while battling the potential for bias and internal discrepancies. Does this sound familiar? There is a powerful solution to this problem that more and more savvy finance professionals are turning to: ‘outsourcing’.

The Unique Challenges of Finance Professionals

The responsibilities of CFOs in foreign subsidiaries are complex and highly demanding but often lack the required support. Here are some common pain points faced by finance professionals in these settings:

Overwhelming Workload

Handling everything from daily transactions to monthly closing reports alone can be incredibly taxing.

Limited Expertise

The breadth of financial tasks requires a wide range of skills, which a single finance person may not fully possess.

Time Constraints

Time spent on exhaustive reporting and analysis often extends working hours and disturbs the work-life balance, making it more stressful.

Risk of Errors and Biases

Without a structured and rigorous review process, there’s a higher chance of discrepancies or biased decisions.

Lack of Legal Accountability

Labour laws often limit the ability to hold employees accountable for mistakes, adding another layer of risk.

Introducing Kites: Your Outsourced Financial Powerhouse

Subsidiaries can outsource their entire financial department by partnering with experts like Kites Corporate Services. Kites Corporate Services isn’t just another accounting firm. Kites becomes the CFO, the auditor, and the analyst, providing a comprehensive solution that addresses all the pain points of finance professionals.

Based on the decided scope, we handle everything from A to Z, taking some weight off your shoulders and allowing you to focus on what truly matters. 

Here’s how Kites empowers the busy finance professional:

Expertise & Precision

We become your financial experts, handling everything from routine bookkeeping to complex monthly reports. We create the reports and deliver clear presentations, ensuring your parent company and investors have the required information.

Deep Analysis and Decision Making

Kites’ expert team goes beyond the surface level. We conduct thorough internal audits, identify misleading transactions, and provide valuable insights to support your decision-making processes.

Transparency and Legal Accountability

Kites offers an unbiased perspective. Our work is governed by legal agreements, ensuring complete transparency and accountability.


By outsourcing your financial burden, you gain back precious time. You can now dedicate yourself to the core financial functions. 

Compliance Confidence

Kites keeps you compliant with local and international financial regulations, protecting you from potential legal threats.

Cost Savings

Hiring a team of financial experts to handle multiple tasks requiring various skills can be significantly more expensive than outsourcing to Kites. By opting for our services, you save money while still benefiting from top-tier expertise.

Why Outsourcing is Your Secret Weapon

For finance professionals, outsourcing is more than just a timesaver or a convenience; it’s a strategic move that allows you to excel in your role. It’s the secret weapon that enables you to handle your extensive responsibilities with greater efficiency, confidence, and less stress. By outsourcing, you gain a dedicated financial department equipped with all the required skills and expertise.

The challenges are strenuous for today’s finance all-rounders, working tirelessly in foreign subsidiaries. By partnering with Kites, these challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth and efficiency. Kites Corporate Services stands ready to be your ally, offering a comprehensive, reliable, and expert solution to your financial management needs. Understanding the critical nature of financial accuracy and timely reporting, Kites provides peace of mind with the trust that your finances are in expert hands.


Contact us today to learn more about the services and scope offered by Kites Corporate Services.

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