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HCG’s Journey to Operational Success with Kites Corporate


Background: HCG, an esteemed U.S.-based Hedge Fund Management firm, ventured into the dynamic Indian market to capitalize on the abundant local talent. With ambitions to establish a robust subsidiary, HCG faced the challenge of navigating India’s complex legal landscape, integrating financial operations across borders, and ensuring cultural harmony.

Challenges Overcome:

  • Currency Management: Implemented effective strategies for accurate and beneficial currency conversion between USD and INR.
  • Financial Integration: Seamlessly aligned the subsidiary’s financial systems with both U.S. GAAP and Indian Accounting Standards.
  • Transfer Pricing: Ensured adherence to U.S. and Indian regulations to avoid transfer pricing tax issues.
  • Legal & Regulatory: Effortlessly navigated the intricacies of India’s legal system, ensuring full compliance.
  • Location & Infrastructure: Secured a prime office location in Mumbai after a detailed assessment.
  • Cultural Integration: Bridged the cultural divide, fostering a cohesive work environment for U.S. and Indian teams.


Solutions Delivered: Kites Corporate provided tailored solutions to each of HCG’s needs, facilitating a seamless transition into the Indian market:

  • Utilized up-to-date exchange rates for financial reporting accuracy.
  • Developed a dual accounting system compatible with international standards.
  • Assisted in developing transfer pricing documentation compliant with global tax laws.
  • Offered step-by-step guidance through legal processes.
  • Recommended ideal banking options suited to business needs.
  • Delivered cultural training to enhance integration and teamwork.

Results Achieved: The strategic support from Kites Corporate led to:

  • Accurate financial operations with consistent currency management.
  • Smooth financial integration into the global structure.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance achieved without setbacks.
  • Strong local support systems and infrastructure.
  • Successful cultural and operational integration of teams.

Final Conclusion: Kites Corporate’s partnership with HCG exemplifies how precise strategy and expert legal support can overcome international business challenges. The successful establishment of HCG’s subsidiary in India demonstrates the power of strategic planning and the importance of adaptability in international expansion.

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